Marketing Ideas For Mortgage Brokers

Written by Alex Teng

February 9, 2021

Marketing ideas for mortgage brokers are more than just good ideas, they require a proper implementation to achieve results in the competitive mortgage industry. Mortgage brokers work hard to earn the trust of prospective clients.  Here are ways for you to work smart and enjoy the process too.

Understanding Your Prospective Clients

For most home buyers and homeowners, this is the biggest loan in their life. Therefore, it is important that mortgage professionals build rapport and trust before the first meeting with any prospective clients.

Make yourself known in the online communities where your prospective clients socialize and have genuine conversations with them about topics that they care about. It is best to have genuine conversations that are not about mortgage lending or the housing market because you want to connect on topics that matter to your audience on a personal level. It’s about understanding them first, instead of being understood by your prospective clients first.

Connect With Your Prospective Clients

When you have consistently demonstrated that you are not selling your service in the communities but are trying to bring value to others, your prospective clients will start to take notice of your name and your business. It’s reciprocal but you need to bring value first.

At this phase, it is very important that you have established your online presence through social media and digital marketing.

You want to make it easy for your prospective clients to connect with you online and have conversations about the mortgage market, housing market, and simply about working with a mortgage broker like yourself.

Refrain from making a sales pitch at this time. It is too early in the relationship-building journey to be selling your service. Remember to continue to bring value to the conversations.

After connecting with your prospective clients, you want to nurture the relationship.

Nurture Your Relationships with Your Prospective Clients

There is the manual way and there is the automated way for nurturing relationships with your prospective clients. The manual way requires your one-on-one time and attention.

The marketing automation way provides genuine messages that are automatically scheduled to send out using email and SMS marketing campaigns. This marketing automation is a common practice used by many successful digital marketing agencies, which is a common secret that almost nobody talks about.

As a mortgage broker, you have the knowledge to craft automated email and SMS messages that are valuable to your prospective clients because you are the subject matter experts in the mortgage market.

Combining your subject matter expertise with digital marketing and social media, you are set to nurture your relationships with your prospective clients to be known as their go-to mortgage professionals. I dare say you’ll have a better-perceived authority than a bank or local financial institution because your prospective clients have started knowing you from a personal level in their online space, whereas the banks are first known as a corporate entity and trying hard to add a personal touch in their marketing campaign.

Six Tips to Successful Mortgage Marketing That Generate Mortgage Leads

1. Be the authentic you.

You already know who you are as a person and as a mortgage professional. Do not change who you are for prospective clients. You will lose more than you gain by meeting with people who are uncomfortable with who you are and what you stand for.

When you keep your authentic voice and personality, your genuine warmth and friendly exuberance will reflect positively on you.

Use social media and digital marketing to amplify the good in you so more people who resonate with you will come to you as mortgage leads.

2. Do your homework.

Many of your prospective clients have online presence and groups. Be present online with their circle of friends or relatives because their extended network can be your prospective clients too.

Bring value first to the online communities to get your name out there in these social media circles.

3. Be persistent.

Do not give up but also respect the boundaries or rules in the social media communities.

Remember that you cannot rush a relationship. Research, bring value and learn as much about your prospective clients as you can.

Know what makes them tick and then always stay in touch with bringing value to the relationships.

4. Be timely.

Be sure to keep your marketing materials timely.

If you are marketing with information on the interest rate, mortgage industry lending requirements, and other time-sensitive information, be sure to double-check that the information is valid by the time you publish your content.

It is always helpful to indicate a timestamp to clarify the validity of the information and provides an invitation to your prospective clients to verify the validity of the information by contacting you.

Offer your own newsletter to keep your prospective clients updated with the latest news and tips about mortgage rates, the real estate market, and mortgage lending requirements as investors or borrowers.

Make sure your marketing content includes your pictures, too. Everyone wants to feel that there is a human being behind the marketing campaign.

5. Create Your Personal Brand.

You want to be memorable to your prospective clients.

Think about how you can incorporate your unique qualities and traits into your marketing content so that you are memorable in their minds.

6. Focus on quality over quantity.

When you focus on quality, you create trust and confidence in your buyers. You will be able to sell more products and services because you will have more clients.

The best way to attract more clients is to provide excellent service. Let your customers know that you do things the right way.

Marketing Makes You and Your Business Appealing

Marketing ideas for mortgage brokers aren’t difficult if you keep these tips in mind.

When you do your research, know who your target prospective clients are and then use that to your advantage. Always be timely and take your time when creating marketing content. When you put your all into each marketing content, your prospective clients will appreciate you.

The mortgage business is competitive. Your competitors are getting more creative with their marketing too. Make it a point to find out what they are doing and do something that is unique. That is how you can continue to stand out from your competition. Don’t just rely on what other businesses are doing.

Find out what makes yours different and make yours as attractive as possible.

I hope this article helps you with ideas and implementation on how to do mortgage marketing that drives mortgage leads.

If you want to know more about how SpringDM can help mortgage professionals like yourself with marketing automation, book a call and see if you can qualify for a 14-day free trial.

You need to find out for yourself how SpringDM can level up your digital marketing performance to drive your more quality mortgage leads.

My team and I are continually developing more ways to help mortgage professionals make more business and grow their network through personal branding.

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